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John Gore is the owner and pilot of Drone Crew , a leading aerial octocopter drone filming company in southern Africa.

Having gained experience working with Sean Penn, Neill Blomkamp, Moonlighting, Lobster Tree, Sky 1, Smithsonian, Nat Geo Wild - Big Cat Week, Earth Touch, and many others. John Gore has established himself as the go to expert in aerial filming specializing in octocopter drone filming with RED Epic cameras.

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Alien Outpost - Feature Film

Alien Outpost feature film droneAlien Outpost is a feature film now in cinemas, directed by Jabbar Raisani, filmed in South African in 2013.

We shot some aerial footage using the 5D mark iii on the octocopter drone.

The film follows the story of a documentary film crew that follow an elite unit of soldiers in the wake of an alien invasion, as they defend the frontier between Afghanistan and Pakistan in the year 2033.

"Love your work, thank you so much!"
-- Jabbar Raisani (writer / director)

Writer / Director Jabbar Raisani is a visual effects expert known for Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Predators (2010), etc.??Douglas Tait , known as "the monster man" is the man in the alien suit. ??This is going to be something quite different to the norm, and well worth watching.