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John Gore is the owner and pilot of Drone Crew , a leading aerial octocopter drone filming company in southern Africa.

Having gained experience working with Sean Penn, Neill Blomkamp, Moonlighting, Lobster Tree, Sky 1, Smithsonian, Nat Geo Wild - Big Cat Week, Earth Touch, and many others. John Gore has established himself as the go to expert in aerial filming specializing in octocopter drone filming with RED Epic cameras.

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Grumeti River - Back to the Serengeti

Drone filming on the Grumeti river Serengeti TanzaniaWhat an amazing opportunity to be able to go back to the Serengeti again, this time to the more northern area and film around the Grumeti River.

This area has patches of forest, and large open plains, and is well known for the massive crocodiles that predate on the wildebeest as they migrate across the river.

"I'm going to use every shot! Thank you guys."
-- Billi-Jean Parker (producer)



Siemens - Corporate Shoot

Drone footage for Siemens corporate video featuring the Mandela School of Science and Technology.

Various shots of the school buildings and features, as well as shots of the surrounding area and establishing shots.

"This really gives a new angle."
-- Rebeccah Hearfield (producer)




Die Soldaat - Short Film

Drone filming for Die Soldaat short filmDie Soldaat is a short film shot in South Africa.

We shot aerial footage with the 5D mark III with magic lantern raw on our octocopter drone.



Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti

Drone filming wildebeest migration in SerengetiWhat a privilege to film the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti using our octocopter drone! This was our first time in Tanzania, and we thoroughly enjoyed the people and the amazing landscape of the Serengeti.

Filming in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area with our 5D on our octocopter drone enabled us to capture some unique and breathtaking scenes!

"This footage is just incredible!"
-- Jess Reiss (producer)



Karsten and Petra on Safari - Feature Film

drone filming for Karsten en Petra feature filmInternational feature film, Karsten and Petra on Safari.

We filmed aerial footage using a RED Scarlet on the octocopter drone.

To be released in late 2015.


"Wow, that worked very well!"
-- Arne Lindtner Naess (director)



Seal Team Eight - Feature Film

Seal Team Eight feature filmSeal Team Eight, a feature film directed by Roel Reine has been released internationally. We had the opportunity to shoot aerials with the octocopter drone for establishing shots and action sequences, back in 2013. Some big explosions were filmed from the drone, including car explosions, building explosions, and even a boat was blown up while flying off a dam wall.

Working on our first action film with our octocopter drone was a great success, and the many lessons learned have been taken on board to be applied on future shoots.

"You are really good at this!"
-- Roel Reine (director)



Ferrero Eggs - RED International Commercial

This Ferrero Eggs international commercial was shot in Cape Town.

RED Epic on our octocopter drone.


"You are really a good drone pilot!"
-- John Hayes (director)



Audi TTs - TV Commercial

International TV commercial for the new 2015 Audi TTs and TT.

Shot with RED Epic on our octocopter drone.


"You are the experts at this!"
-- Robin Seiser (director)



Audi S1 - World Premiere

Launch commercial of the Audi S1, the new sports model in the Audi A1 range.

Shot aerials for this car commercial in Cape Town with with 5D mark III in raw on our octocopter drone. Tracking shots and aerial reveal shots.


"Aerials with the drone look really good!"
-- Berti Kropac (director)



Sapporo - International TV Commercial

We used the RED Epic camera on our octocopter drone to shoot an aerial shot of the party on the roof of the house.

That was later composited onto the rooftop of a CG skyscraper in a city, with an anime dragon on the side of the building.

"I'm really glad we have you guys on this shoot, doing it safely!"
-- Simon Damast (AD)




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