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John Gore is the owner and pilot of Drone Crew , a leading aerial octocopter drone filming company in southern Africa.

Having gained experience working with Sean Penn, Neill Blomkamp, Moonlighting, Lobster Tree, Sky 1, Smithsonian, Nat Geo Wild - Big Cat Week, Earth Touch, and many others. John Gore has established himself as the go to expert in aerial filming specializing in octocopter drone filming with RED Epic cameras.

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Chappie - Feature Film

Chappie feature film with drone shotsChappie is a feature film directed by Niell Blomkamp (well known for District 9) shot in South Africa in 2013 and early 2014. DoP was Trent Opaloch. We provided octocopter drone aerial filming with various cameras, including FLIR thermal cameras. The film was released world wide in March 2015 at IMAX Cinemas and standard cinemas.

The movie stars Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Dev Patel and Sharlto Copley as the robot Chappie, also featuring Die Antwoord music group.

"This octocopter is amazingly stable in the wind"
-- Neill Blomkamp (writer / director)

In the style of Neill's first big feature, District 9, the story takes inspiration from previous films, then mixes them up in a blender. The result is something totally new and different, yet also familiar at the same time.

Chappie is a reprogrammed / hacked robot that becomes self aware, and has to learn about the world around him like a human child would do. But his adoptive parents are not what you may call typically parents. Sharlto (Wikus in District 9) plays robot Chappie in this, but in a body suit. His human face and features are never seen in the final production, all replaced by the robot body and face of Chappie, the main character. Quite a feat.

A smaller drone was also used in some action scenes to provide an eye-line for actors to follow and cameras to frame the action. Later in post production the drone is then replaced with the flying robot character: "Moose".

John Gore in the Chappie credits

Chappie showing at IMAX cinemas