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John Gore is the owner and pilot of Drone Crew , a leading aerial octocopter drone filming company in southern Africa.

Having gained experience working with Sean Penn, Neill Blomkamp, Moonlighting, Lobster Tree, Sky 1, Smithsonian, Nat Geo Wild - Big Cat Week, Earth Touch, and many others. John Gore has established himself as the go to expert in aerial filming specializing in octocopter drone filming with RED Epic cameras.

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Nat Geo Wild - Big Cat Week - Man v Lion

Nat Geo Wild Man V LionWhat a unique experience to work alongside some of the top presenter led natural history filmmakers in the world! The National Geographic film crew assembled for this shoot clearly had a passion for this project, and it shows in the final results.

We had the opportunity to work with the team for a few days, capturing aerial footage with the drone of the landscape, the wildlife and the presenter, Boon.

"Your work was wonderful and we are very proud of the show."
-- Gurney Productions (for Nat Geo)


We equipped our octocopter drone with a FLIR thermal camera as well as the Canon 5D mark III shooting with magic lantern raw.

The FLIR camera on the drone was able to capture a unique perspective of the lions and prey animals from the air.

The Man v Lion episode became a huge success, and even the preview video above has received 1 million views, far more views than any of the other preview videos on the Nat Geo Wild YouTube channel.

If you have a need for a drone for a Natural History production in southern Africa, we would love to have the opportunity to work with you.