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John Gore is the owner and pilot of Drone Crew , a leading aerial octocopter drone filming company in southern Africa.

Having gained experience working with Sean Penn, Neill Blomkamp, Moonlighting, Lobster Tree, Sky 1, Smithsonian, Nat Geo Wild - Big Cat Week, Earth Touch, and many others. John Gore has established himself as the go to expert in aerial filming specializing in octocopter drone filming with RED Epic cameras.

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Nestle Nesquik - RED International Commercial

International commercial for Nestle Nesquik, shot in Cape Town. Aerial shots were needed for the fast-paced "flying cow" scenes in the commercial.

We used our RED Scarlet camera on the octocopter drone to film a series of shots flying through trees and buildings, as plates for the animation that would be added in post.


"Some great shots again today. Thank you!"
-- Julien Trousselier (director)



Behind the Scenes video:


Final edit of the international commercial for Nesquik:

NESQUIK RODEO from BE Animation on Vimeo.